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Logo of Blockmetry service.

Blockmetry was a web analytics service that measures users without tracking them, without cookies, and without fingerprinting. It lives on with all Deliberate Digital clients as advice and bespoke reporting.


It started as a way to measure ad blocking, then analytics blocking, then became as a full-blown analytics service in 2016 before shutting down as a platform in July 2020.

All the lessons learned about implementing web analytics, measuring user interactions, speed, ETL pipelines on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, reporting and creating dash boards (custom or in Google Data Studio) feed into the advice and our custom work.

Equally importantly, we help clients with the technical implementation of GDPR-compliant web analytics is part of our advice. Cookie consent banners (with all their variations, including some very dark patterns), tracking, and mitigating the risk of re-identification of ostensibly anonymized data are all part of the conversation.

Some interesting research findings

While developing Blockmetry, there was lots of research, with some very interesting findings. Here are my favorite two: