Announcing Adblock Analytics

Accurately measuring ad blocking rates is difficult, yet it is critical to do so as you formulate a response tailored for your users and your website.

That is why today we're announcing a new service called Adblock Analytics, designed to simplify the data gathering and analysis required for solid business decisions.

With Adblock Analytics, you will be able to analyze ad blocking rates by any combination of date, device (mobile or desktop/tablet), and country. This allows you to identify different regional and device behaviors, and formulate a more granular response as necessary.

Data collection, quality, and impact on page load speed

Data quality and user impact are very important for us, and that is why we designed the system to have very little impact on users while still collecting and transforming the data accurately. Full details are in the Adblock Analytics homepage.

Getting started

Adblock Analytics is currently a beta program you can request to join. To do so:

Deliberate Digital Analytics

Adblock Analytics is the first of a new suite of specialist analytics tools we’re developing called Deliberate Digital Analytics.