Data access accounts for Deliberate Digital projects

As a general principle, please give us read-only access to your website data. If you are stuck, please ask me. Thank you!

Google Search Console

  • While logged into Search Console, open the User Management page.
  • Near the top left corner, select the property from the drop down menu.
  • In the resulting page, click the red Add a new user button found near the top right corner.
  • Use and make sure that the access permission selected is Restricted.

Google Analytics

  • Open the admin panel in Google Analytics found here:
  • Decide if you want to give us access to a specific View or a Property. If in doubt, please let’s discuss; a good default is the more restricted View.
  • Choose the right View or Property in the drop down menus.
  • In the menu column listed underneath the View or Property, click the User Management link.
  • Use and make sure that the access permission selected is Read and Analyze; optionally, please choose the notify by email option.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster

  • Using an admin account, open your property in Yandex Webmaster.
  • Click the Access rights option in the left hand side menu.
  • On the resulting page, underneath the list of current users, is the Delegate rights form. Please use the username deliberatedigital-cad to delegate access.

Google AdWords

  • Log into AdWords as admin.
  • Click on the spanner icon near the top right corner of the screen to open the settings menu.
  • Choose Account access under the Setup section.
  • Click the blue plus icon. From the pop-up, choose Read only access level in the drop down menu, and give access to


  • Using an admin account, open the Github repo.
  • Click on the Settings menu item in the repo navigation menu near the top.
  • Select Manage Access in the left hand side menu, and give access to


Slack supports different types of accounts. With your preferred account access type, please add