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Deliberate Digital was founded by Pierre Far, a former Google search engineer and product manager. Long before joining Google, Pierre has been heavily involved in building and marketing online services. A full list of Pierre's background is on LinkedIn.

How we help you

Simply put, we help businesses grow by applying product management best practices. Websites and native apps benefit product management treatment, as well as all channels through which you interact with customers.

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Mobile and multi-device strategy

Mobile is a broad topic, and our structured process ensures you invest in the right areas for your business objectives on mobile. With extensive experience with the mobile web and mobile SEO, we can design a digital strategy to serve your customers regardless of the device they use, and help with the technical implementation.

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Site moves, rebranding, replatforming, and HTTPS

Changing the URLs of your site or the underlying infrastructure or content management system (CMS) is a step that needs great attention to detail. Although a lot could go wrong, we make sure nothing does.

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Structured data and rich snippets

Adding structured data to your content improves indexing and presentation of your content in search results (such as rich snippets and Google Knowledge Graph). We can help you prioritize the types of structured data to deploy in a technically-sound and policy-compliant way.

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International expansion, localization, and SEO

Whether you’re expanding internationally or localizing your existing content, we help you implement your strategy so that your customers find you regardless of where they are or what language we speak.

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