Mobile SEO and strategy

Mobile will soon be the dominant channel of customer interactions for all businesses. We follow a structured process derived from real-world experience (detailed below) to frame the discussions and ask the right questions specific to your business needs and customers.

What we help you with

Mobile is a broad topic, and our structured process ensures you invest in the right areas for your business objectives on mobile. These include:

Our experience

Our experience in mobile goes back many years. Our founder, Pierre Far, has been heavily involved in the mobile web since before his time at Google in search engineering and product management. At Google, Pierre was one of its leading evangelists about how to build websites for your customers and optimal indexing and ranking. During that time, Pierre helped many websites with their mobile SEO and technology choices. Before Google, Pierre launched several online services, all of which had mobile-friendly interfaces.

Want to win on mobile?

Please get in touch and we will make sure you get the best mobile advice specific for your business.