Site moves, HTTPS migrations

Changing the URLs of your site or the underlying infrastructure or content management system (CMS) is a step that needs great attention to detail. Although there are many steps, and a lot could go wrong, we can work with you to make sure you successfully migrate your site for your business and users and without affecting the site's SEO performance.

What we help you with

Site moves come in many types. Two common ones are:

Our experience

Site migrations

While at Google, our founder, Pierre Far, was the leading author of Google's recommendations about site moves. These recommendations cover the technical aspects, and we also bring a very user- and business-focused approach to help you migrate your site successfully.

HTTPS deployment

The work involves deploying TLS correctly, and moving your URLs to use the HTTPS variants. To get a flavor of what these entail, please see this Google I/O talk that our founder, Pierre Far, co-presented in 2014.

Get expert help

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